letter to my daughter

Inconsolable II (Letter #020)

Photo of baby Baobao howling.

In which Papa Zesser, after what was mostly a lovely day with his off-spring, considers the similarities between an infant who doesn’t realize she has gotten very tired, and a drinker who believes that an endless succession of “Just one more” will lead to eternal good time, and not sudden anger or tears followed by a brutal hang-over.

Maybe babies don’t work in such mysterious ways after all. Click the headline to read more.

A spoonful of tedium (Letter #018)

Photo of Papa Zesser face down in his Baobao's play-pen

In which Papa Zesser contemplates the apparent sameness of child-rearing, even as he acknowledges that change happens. In other words, child care is hard, with a lot of repetition, despite the constant growth and change in their charges.

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Guess who’s up? (Letter #014)

Photo of baby on floor with toys.

In which an exhausted Daddy Zesser flashes back to the Bad Old Days, when sleep was a fleeting luxury, and curses his daughter with the wish that, someday, she too will become a parent, so that she’ll understand what she puts her parents through! (Click the headline to read on.)

Happy stress day to us (Letter 012)

Selfie detail of a very tired Papa Zesser, 2020-04-19.

In which Papa Zesser looks back on 244 days of his darling Baobao’s life, and is forced to consider how lucky he and Raven have been – because yesterday was a hard day indeed. Click the headline above to read more …

Plague Diary #001 (Letter #006)

Baby holds bottle by nipple to show she is full

In which Papa Zesser acknowledges the plague of Covid-19 and his own, relatively privileged position.

While others are suffering greatly, we have so far been only inconvenienced.

(And pictured here is Asta indicating she wants no more milk by carefully cupping the nipple with her palm.)

Happy 7th month, darling daughter!

Left, a 1936 sket of Popeye the Sailor by E.C. Segar; Right, Asta with a most Popeye look!

In which Papa Zesser finds himself celebrating yet another “birthday”.

Parents do funny things, but whaddya gonna do?

Besides, “Happy Birthday” is out of copyright, so you’ll *know* I took advantage – and you want to hear me sing!