Plague Journal

Letter from two bubbles (Letter #026)

Photo of baby Baobao on Papa Zesser's lap holding the steering wheel of an SUV.

In which Papa Zesser returns from a visit with Mama Raven and toddler Baobao to Parc de le Gatineau with decidedly mixed emotions.

As the west coast of the United States burns, five tropical storms churn through the Caribbean, and both fire and floods afflict much of the rest of the world, Baobao and company are able to visit a beautiful park in which, so it seems, all is well with the world.

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Plague Diary #001 (Letter #006)

Baby holds bottle by nipple to show she is full

In which Papa Zesser acknowledges the plague of Covid-19 and his own, relatively privileged position.

While others are suffering greatly, we have so far been only inconvenienced.

(And pictured here is Asta indicating she wants no more milk by carefully cupping the nipple with her palm.)