First Father’s Day, redux or,

Photo of a Father's Day card cover reading Daddy of the Year 2020

Cry daddy cry, make your daughter sigh … (Letter #024)

A brief note from a sentimental old fool

Dear Baobao,

By the time you read this you will without a doubt now that your old dad’s heart isn’t exactly made of stone; you’ll have learned how easily I come to tears the first time I come to towards the end of The House at Pooh Corner and I need you to get off my lap and run to get me a kleenex.

Still, I wasn’t expecting you — or “you” — to make me shed tears of joy only three days into your 11th month on Earth. But there we were …

The time? About 06:30. You’d woken a little after 06:00 and fussed quietly in your crib for a few minutes as I slowly rose towards the surface of consciousness. It was 06:14 when I checked my phone for the time, almost precisely four hours since your mum woke me up to come downstairs and “deal” with a bug (you know she has a phobia of all that creepeth upon the ground) that had ensconced itself on a lamp-shade. “You owe me!” I muttered as I dropped the ichor-fouled tissue into our organics bin. “I’ll take care of her when she wakes up,” quoth your mum, but four hours later I let her off the hook; the wee hours are our hours, no matter how tired I am. Do I brag? I suppose so, but this whole post is sort of a brag, if you pay attention to the hand-writing on the card below.

Photo of the enterior of a Father's Day card.
Do I brag? So I brag. I contain a multitude of qualities …

Yesterday, all three of us went for a walk to the park, though by way of a detour to our local drugstore-cum-general-store (alright: Shoppers). Mama Raven said she wanted to pick up some soap and that you and I should wait for her at the park. “I want to enjoy the air con,” she told us, and knowing how much she hates the heat, I thought little of it.

And after supper, she apologized for not having bought me a Father’s Day card — the sly, sly, woman! Naturally, I said that it was fine, I don’t care much about cards anyway.

In theory, I still don’t, but … well, this one sure made Papa Zesser feel special. I know your mum “helped” you write the card, but I shall hope against hope that in time you’ll agree with the sentiments expressed on your behalf.


Papa Z(ed)
Ottawa, June 22, 2020

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