Sweet Potato Nagaimo Surprise

Photo of happy baby with lips surrounded by delicious food!

Small babies are not suppose to be given salt or refined sugars, but there’s no reason baby food must be tasteless! How about offering them a little sweet potato with their nutritious purée?

Close-up photo of baby food before it is pureed, including sweet potato, nagaimo, millet and cabbage.
Before the puree! Sweet potato, nagaimo, millet and cabbage.

One of the first dishes Mama Raven concocted for our Baobao is a (not that) sweet little dish we call Sweet Potato Nagaimo Surprise!


  • Sweet potato, 45g
  • Nagaimo, 20g (can be found in most Asian grocers, also known as Chinese yam)
  • Cabbage, 25g
  • Millet, 15g
  • Water, 13 Tbsp

Yields about 10 Tbsp of puree.

Photo of the finished sweet potatoe/nagaimo surprise puree
The final result!


Dice the nagaimo and sweet potatoes. Place all ingredients in a pot of water, bring to a boil, then simmer on low-medium heat for 20 minutes or until all the solids become all soft. Remove pot from stove and set aside to cool down. If your child is ready to chew solid solids, you can feed them now; otherwise, puree the mixture in a blender before feeding.

And that’s it. No packaging to throw away, or to wash and “recycle” (don’t get me started!), no need to read the labels to confirm there’s no added sugars or artificial flavours. Raven reports the whole process takes about half an hour. And of course, you can make more, depending on how much your child eats.

Next time, we’ll get (more or less) straight to the next recipe, this one featuring chickpea pasta!

Photo of happy baby with lips surrounded by delicious food!
One very satisfied customer! Thank you, Mama Raven!

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