Variety is the spice of spiceless foods

Partial photo of box of Chickapea brand chickpea pasta

One thing one can never say about baby foods (other than good Canadian cheddar, of course!) is that they are an especially spicy culinary genre.

In the first year especially, such kitchen staples as salt, sugar and even honey are verbotten. So it takes more than a little imagination to keep baby satisfied!

If the following seems a variation on a theme, well, grown-ups delight in both pomodoro and arrabbiata sauces on pasta, so why shouldn’t an eight-month old baby also get some variety in her diet?

Chickpea pasta and eddoe delight!

Photo of partial box of Chickapea pasta
Chickapea chickpea and lentil pasta. Not to our tastes, but as part of a puree for our Baobao, it was a hit!

Mama Raven bought a small box of pasta made from chickpeas and lentils a while back. It was one of those foods that look fantastic in the nutritional information box on the package, but which fail the mouth test, badly. One try on our parts and we thought we’d made a small, but hideous, mistake. Mama Raven is nothing if not frugal, though, so she ignored my suggestion we throw it out in favour of holding on to it until …

Until came the other day, when she decided to see whether it would make a good addition to food for Baobao. After all, legumes are remarkably nutritious foods, even in pasta form!

And thus she created Chickpea and Eddoe Delight, a recipe which also gives baby the benefit of such delicious and nutritious foods as onions and potato.

Oh wait, you might be wondering, What is this eddoe thing of which Papa Zesser types? Well, it’s a root, not entirely unlike potatoes or yams or, especially, taro. Here is a photo, courtesy of Roy Smith via Wikipedia.

Photo of two eddoes with a ruler in inches demonstrating their size.
Two eddoes, courtesy of Roy Smith via Wikipedia. Used under the Creative Commons 4.0 licence.


  • Chickapea Pasta 10g
  • Mini potato x1 about 20g
  • Eddoe x1 about 85g
  • Yellow onion 1 slice about 15g
  • Water 15tbsp


Dice the potato and eddoe, slice the onion, then place these along with the chickpea pasta into a pot of water and bring to a boil, then reduce to simmer for about 20 minutes or until the ingredients are soft.

Remove the pot from the stove, set aside to cool down. down. If your child is old enough to eat fully solid foods, serve now. Otherwise, puree the mixture in a blender before feeding. Yield about 10 tbsp of puree.

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