Review: Ne touche jamais un dinosaure!

Photo of baby Baobao with the book, Ne touche jamais un dinosaure!

In which Papa Zesser cuts his baby book reviewer’s teeth on a 12 page (counting covers) French-language picture-book. Can he keep the review as short as the book? Click the headline to find out!

Baby food

Close-up photo of baby with solid food around her mouth.

In which Papa Zesser considers his family’s philosophies of food, and how Mama Raven puts it into practice. Click the headline to read more …!

Letter to my daughter #004

Photo of Papa Zesser carrying Asta in a snuggly.

In which Papa Zesser strives to justify to his daughter his long absence from this blog.

It’s true, she’s having none of it, but maybe you will!

Letter to my daughter #0001

Detail of Baobao, aged 100 days.

In which Papa Zesser celebrates his daughter’s 100th day on Earth, in his first (of many? he hopes so!) epistle to his darling daughter.

Sleeping on it

Detail of photo of sleeping Asta.

In which Papa Zesser realizes he is (almost) well-rested. Today and for several days (in a row!) previously.

Is it possible the trend will continue?

First mistake?

In which Papa Zesser fesses up to his biggest mistake as a father yet!

Or was it?

And why is a milk-drunk baby promoting this entry?

Photography of changes, changes in photography

In which Papa Zesser ponders time’s swiftly flitting arrow, the sheer strangeness of playing soccer with people a generation (and more!) younger than he is, and finally, indulges himself in some picspam, since Raven took a number of really good shots.

Fatherhood ain’t all feeding and diaper changes, ya know!

It (already) goes so fast …

In which Papa Zesser tries to come to terms with “baby brain”.

Or maybe, is just trying to pin the blame for this blog’s lack of regular production on a helpless infant.

You decide!