She got everything she needs …

In which Papa Zesser is roused at the un-godly hour of two in the afternoon by a shocking and disgusting development!

Oh sure, the little one looks sweet and innocent, but the truth is something very different indeed …


In which Papa Zesser finally – finally! – returns to the keyboard, and reflects upon some of the many things he has learned in his sudden 13 days as a father.

Adventures in breast-feeding, exhaustion and the meat-counter-like properties of the placenta are only some of the reasons you might want to click this link!

A Child Is Born

Detail photo of newborn Asta.

In which Papa Zesser looks back at the start of an exhausting week. Soccer Sunday, birth and becoming a father on Monday, followed by a sudden turn towards the philosophical.

Unwanted advice, 1.0

Photo of grumpy-looking pillow.

In which Papa Zesser runs into his first fatherless expert in child-rearing (and his first non-scientist expert in vaccines and autism – or anti-vaxxer, for short), and discovers what so many other parents (and parents-to-be) have had to find out since time immemorial: That everyone else is an expert in how to raise your kid.

Spoiler alert: He didn’t like it very much.

Pondering Privilege, 1.0

Photo of cookies made with green onions.

In which Papa Zesser is told he has never been loved more.

And wonders why it is that he is being so appreciated for, it seems to him, simply trying to be a decent partner.

It’s ALIVE!!! or,

In which Papa Zesser sees his child-to-be, as through a stomach, darkly.

Honestly, it is frankly wondrous how such a grainy, black-and-white image can make theory into convincing fact.

Young Geoffrey …Papa Zesser?!?

In which Young Geoffrey first learns that he will soon become Daddy Zesser.

A story of love, deliberately unsafe sex and a drug-store pregnancy test . . .