The Rabbit Is Still Dead

Photo of Papa Zesser inhaling the essensence of Kavalan Taiwanese whiskey. Photo by Raven.
Kavalan Whisky, though a single malt, is more or less as good as one would expect from a whisky originating in Taiwan. Not quite up to the standards of Cape Breton, nevermind Scotland. Photo by Raven.

Whelp, it’s official!

Our cheap drug-store fertility pee-test has been confirmed by our GP’s (presumably) much more expensive fertility pee-test. Raven is pregnant for sure!

Not that we were in any doubt. She has had pretty much all the symptoms: physically, her breasts have started to swell and she’s suffering from a lot of nausea (though happily her appetite is not impaired), and her already-acute sense of smell has gone absolutely psychotic. Our hitherto varied and exciting diet has been forced into bland city, because the smell of cooking has become repugnant to her.

Other than that, all seems good. As I said, if the smell isn’t too strong, her appetite is fine and she continues her habit of (most days) walking the roughly five kilometres home from work. (Rain, or the mercury below -10C will usually see her take the bus.)

Anyway, the next step is an ultrasound next Friday, and we shall see from there.

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