Fire! Fire! Fire! (Letter #021)

Detail of photo of building in flames by Chris Karidis via Unsplash.

In which Papa Zesser looks back with gratitude and relief at a kitchen accident that happened only a few days back. Mama Raven saved the day! (Photo by

Pondering Privilege, 1.0

Photo of cookies made with green onions.

In which Papa Zesser is told he has never been loved more.

And wonders why it is that he is being so appreciated for, it seems to him, simply trying to be a decent partner.

It’s ALIVE!!! or,

In which Papa Zesser sees his child-to-be, as through a stomach, darkly.

Honestly, it is frankly wondrous how such a grainy, black-and-white image can make theory into convincing fact.

Young Geoffrey …Papa Zesser?!?

In which Young Geoffrey first learns that he will soon become Daddy Zesser.

A story of love, deliberately unsafe sex and a drug-store pregnancy test . . .