In which Papa Zesser finally – finally! – returns to the keyboard, and reflects upon some of the many things he has learned in his sudden 13 days as a father.

Adventures in breast-feeding, exhaustion and the meat-counter-like properties of the placenta are only some of the reasons you might want to click this link!

Unwanted advice, 1.0

Photo of grumpy-looking pillow.

In which Papa Zesser runs into his first fatherless expert in child-rearing (and his first non-scientist expert in vaccines and autism – or anti-vaxxer, for short), and discovers what so many other parents (and parents-to-be) have had to find out since time immemorial: That everyone else is an expert in how to raise your kid.

Spoiler alert: He didn’t like it very much.

Young Geoffrey …Papa Zesser?!?

In which Young Geoffrey first learns that he will soon become Daddy Zesser.

A story of love, deliberately unsafe sex and a drug-store pregnancy test . . .