Mama’s little helper (Letter #034)

Who cares about the buildings, Papa, I want to watch the buses on Wellington!

Introduction to Mama’s little helper

In which Papa Zesser recounts Mama Raven’s report of events which transpired while Papa was out returning Friday’s rental car, and dealing with a road closure that forced him to return the vehicle to a far-distant location.

Which irritated him.

Although, he was given a ride back to his neighbourhood, by a well-masked driver, so it wasn’t really a big deal, but Papa hadn’t had any coffee yet and so it felt like a big deal and he had a hard time keeping his temper at the service desk but he did manage to smile beneath his own mask so really everything worked out okay presuming that he doesn’t come down with Covid-19 despite the masks.

But Papa digresses. Take it away Mama!

The soggy, soggy mud of spring (Letter #033)

Who's the coolest toddler of them all?

Introduction to The soggy, soggy grass of spring

In which Papa Zesser is reminded by a frustrated Mama Raven of the primary purpose of this blog: To serve as a record for my daughter, of my daughter’s first years on planet Earth. To capture her milestones and setbacks, her triumphs and tribulations (if any).

In other words, to provide for her a little light on those years that none of us are lucky enough to remember come that years we might want to.

Well actually, the reminder is the proximate cause of this new Letter to My Daughter, but not what it’s about.

For that, you’ll need to read more.

Papa’s Diary – January 28, 2021

Whose snuggle puppy is whose?

No means no!

I’m sure most of us have unpleasant (or worse) memories of aunts or uncles who insisted on smothering us with unwelcome hugs and kisses when we were small. And too many of us had parents who insisted that we not “be mean” to that relative.

Recently, Baobao has been, playfully, saying No! to me. What’s a Papa to do?

Papa Zesser Sells Out (Letter #032)

Mama Raven photographs toddler baobao in full winter regalia.

In which Papa Zesser looks with wonder on his ever-changing daughter, two days after she passed her 17 month anniversary.

And also, contemplates with some discomfort, the new presence of advertising on this website.

Also: videos! Read more …

Bésébodé! (Letter #031)

Photo of Toddler Baobao making a very messy stab at self-feeding, November 18, 2020.

As a bad year for most of us in North America comes to a close (but a year which, I have to confess, was one of much joy for me personally) , I find myself posting a letter quite different from that I had hoped to write you on New Year’s Eve.

That was supposed to be a photo-rich retrospective, but I’m afraid it will have to wait. Meanwhile, I’ll reflect not on your general development but on a specific part of it. Namely, your penchant for correcting your parents’ mistakes.

Darling child, I dub thee Bésébodé!.